Police Scotland would like to know what issues you think they should prioritise, nationally and in your local area, as well as the best methods for communicating with you.   Your views are important to Police Scotland and they are committed to using this information to shape policing priorities – both locally and nationally

What you tell Police Scotland will also influence how they communicate and engage with you and your community.

Consultation on the Local Policing Plan is now open – an on-line survey can be accessed here and a paper copy is attached here.

For further information on policing in your local area please visit here.



View the strategy here.

Politicians have called for a revamp for the way the voluntary sector is funded.

A Holyrood Committee has advised the Scottish Government to increase its equalities and third sector funding support and for all public bodies to look at innovative ways to fund the sector.

In its pre-budget report, the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee said the work of the voluntary sector is vital in realising equalities and human rights in Scotland, but how it is funded needs reviewed.

Read more here. 


The Scottish Government is keen to implement trauma informed practice for the whole of the workforce of Scotland. An important development is that Trauma Informed Principles have been integrated into the updated Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities, which places a statutory obligation on NHS services.

Simon Tarry, NHS Orkney, advises that trauma informed practice involves the whole of the workforce, especially those who are in contact with the public, and workshops for managers are available. He has provided a link to a video that gives a clear explanation of the problems that traumatised people may present with, it is only a few minutes long and is well worth watching.

If you’re interested in having a workshop for managers in your workplace, or if you want more information, please get in touch direct with Simon:

Simon Tarry, Transforming Psychological Trauma implementation coordinator

EMDR Trauma Therapist, CSB, The Balfour, Foreland Road, Kirkwall, KW17 1NZ

Tel 01856 888280 simontarry@nhs.net

See full information here.

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