Are you, your volunteers or your staff required to go on a Step 2 Adult/Child Protection training course?

Do you know if they need the training? Take a look at OIC’s guidance, part copied below or available here:

Specific Contact Workforce Defined as those who carry out direct work with children, young people or adults at risk; and/or form more in-depth relationships with them; and/or provide specific services to them. These workers may carry out regular work with a child, young person or adult at risk (although this will not always be the case). These workers may be asked to contribute to the risk assessment and risk management process and may be involved in providing ongoing support to some children, young people, adults at risk and other family members. The specific contact workforce require the competences, knowledge and skills associated with the general contact workforce, and some additional competences, knowledge skills to reflect the nature of their involvement with children, young people and adults at risk. Step 2 training is a two day multi-agency course funded and delivered by the Child Protection Committee and includes adult protection training. The group of presenters is representative of the agencies that comprise the Child Protection Committee: there are presenters from Orkney Health and Care, Police Scotland, Education Services, the Voluntary Sector and the Orkney Children’s Reporter. In selecting staff to attend Step 2 training, managers should give priority to staff who have not previously attended a Child Protection training course at this level. It is not intended to function as a refresher course, although staff who last attended training at this level 5 years or more ago would find the training useful and can be referred for a place. • Completion of the NES on-line course is required before attending the two day course.

• The next Step 2 course in 2018 will take place on 16th and 17th May 2018

To book, contact Jennifer Sclater at

Briefing paper for more information on Child Protection training avilable here

link to community Adult Protection training available here 



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