Come and help us take on the weeds at Kirkwall Library.

Orkney Library and Archive is a much loved local institution. It is a prized asset which is used extensively by the local community as well as having a first class local history archive.  These days it is also world renowned due to it’s famous Twitter account and it’s book clubs regularly host some of the biggest names in fiction and non-fiction!

Unfortunately the grounds of the library are looking a bit tatty and overgrown with weeds and in the current financial climate there isn’t really sufficient resources to keep the grounds as neat and tidy as would be desired.

Therefore the library, in partnership with Voluntary Action Orkney and the Connect Project, are looking to combat the weed menace with a morning of concerted weed killing!

We will be there on the morning of Thursday September 20th from 9.30am onwards and would welcome along anyone who wants to be involved in helping to take on the weeds.

There will be gloves and weeding gear available but if you can bring along your own that would be great. There will also be coffee tea and biscuits to replenish the troops in their battle against the perfidious perennials!

If you want to come along and help out let Rob McGregor know on 872 897 or email me at

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