Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population: Debut Report

On Thursday 28th February 2019, the Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population published their debut report: UK Immigration Policy After Leaving The EU: Impacts on Scotland’s economy, population and society.

Below is a link to both (i) the report in full and (ii) an executive summary:

(i) here

(ii) here

The key findings of the report are as follows:


  • The changes set out in the UK Government’s Immigration White Paper are projected to reduce net migration to Scotland by between 30-50% over the coming two decades.


  • Scotland is projected to experience more pronounced population ageing than other parts of the UK, whilst reduced migration from the EU will lead to a gradually declining working age population.  Together these will only exacerbate the challenge of managing an ageing society in Scotland   


  • 63% of workers in Scotland earn less than the proposed £30,000 salary threshold for Tier 2 entrants.  This would dramatically constrain Scottish employers’ labour market access, with a pronounced negative effect through gendered and regional disparities.


  • Restricted routes for EU migrants would also be particularly disruptive for Scotland’s remote rural and island areas.  The relatively older age structure of these areas means that in-migration (including EU migration) is the only practical method of countering depopulation.


  • The seasonal and temporary programmes proposed by the UK Government would prohibit the longer-term settlement of immigrants working in key sectors such as health and social care, education, construction and tourism.

The report has produced a useful evidence base around which discussions on Scotland’s future needs and migration policy can be built.  

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