Human Trafficking & Commercial Sexual Exploitation - Awareness Raising

With the support of Orkney Women's Aid, Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA), who are based out of Glasgow City Council, but have a nation-wide remit, are providing a free awareness raising on human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation session in Kirkwall.

This session will give participants an overview of human trafficking as a crime and its prevalence globally and in Scotland. It will also cover indicators and services available for support. The links between human trafficking and prostitution will also be made.

Frontline service workers, including social work and medical professionls, as well as women's organisations are especially encouraged to attend


Please note: Spaces are limited. If you get a ticket and are no longer able to attend, please let us know by cancelling your ticket through Eventbrite, emailing or calling Orkney Women's Aid at 01856 87 1311


The sessions are free and will be useful to any sector who comes into contact with women and children. Please register following details below;

Mon Sept 23 (10-1):

Mon Sept 23 (2-5):

Tues Sept 24 (10-1):

Tues Sept 24 (2-5):

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