Trustees’ Week: 4-8 November 2019


For New Trustees

 Once you have appointed your Trustee: What do you need to follow up within your organisation?

 When you have formally accepted your new Trustees, this information needs to be updated in several systems within your organisations for legal purposes as well as for information:


 • Update the bank mandate if the trustee is to be a signatory

 • Transfer any property into the name of the new and existing trustees (not if you are incorporated)

 • Inform Companies House, if the charity is a charitable company

 • Inform the organisation’s stakeholders:


- Staff

- Volunteers

- Users

- Funders

- Supporters

- Partners

 • Add the trustee’s name to relevant publicity material


- website

- Newsletter

- Brochure

- Organisation’s address book

- Mailing list

- Letterhead


Ongoing support for your Trustees

The support that is given to new Trustees shouldn’t be the end of the support, training and development of your board members. Just like staff and other volunteers, they need to be invested in to maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the organisation and their role.

Again these are suggestions and not requirements. Perhaps one place to start is to look at your existing structures in supporting your staff and volunteers and build on these.

Item Suggestions

A Mentoring Project (peer)

This is very effective way of supporting Trustees in understanding the informalities, culture of the organisation as well providing an outlet in which to have discussions, share advice and thoughts. It’s also effective in building relationships within the board members which helps to increase confidence and understanding.



Depending on the size of your organisation, it may be possible to offer training that is part of staff development to Trustees. Remember that Trustees are volunteers too, and that if you have a budget for volunteer expenses/training you can use it for your Trustees. Include a training session as part of the meeting, invite outside organisations, funders, partners,

 Taking part in trustee or specialist networks

 There are networks and various bodies that support Trustee networking as a way to share information, good practice and guidance.

 Away days, training days or retreats

Vital for building team relationships, setting strategic goals, maintaining focus and enthusiasm. Away days don’t have to be costly, they just need to be away from the normal place of business. They can have a particular focus such as developing the business plan, or reviewing governance. They could even be something fun or teambuilding focused such as, a redecoration of the office or a team volunteering day.


This can be done as an individual exercise with a peer Trustee or completed as a group. The appraisal acts a tool to help reflection on successes and challenges of the boards performance as well identifying future developments, training needs and support. There are many appraisal tools that can be used.

Skills and Knowledge Audit

We all like to feel we can make a contribution. Regularly (annually) looking at: partnerships, networks, training and knowledge that the board possess, offers a fantastic opportunity to up skill you all!

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