The Contribution of Volunteering to Scotland's Health and Wellbeing’

Volunteer Scotland and the Scottish Volunteering Forum have launched a major new report ‘The Contribution of Volunteering to Scotland's Health and Wellbeing’.  It reveals how volunteering can help Scottish society face some of its biggest challenges: an aging population, labour market skills shortages, mental and physical ill-health , social isolation and loneliness, and poor community engagement.  Volunteering brings even greater benefits for volunteers who experience disadvantage and exclusion.


Volunteering’s extraordinary contribution in helping to address Scotland’s health and wellbeing challenges, which it achieves through:

  • Improving the health and wellbeing of our 1.4 million volunteers
  • Supporting activities and sectors which foster health and wellbeing such as sport and physical activities
  • Supporting Scotland’s health and social care sector through the contribution of 200,000 volunteers.


How we can enhance this contribution – ten recommendations for both policy makers and practitioners have been put forward, including:

  • How volunteering must accommodate the projected demographic change over the next 20 years
  • Understanding how the health and wellbeing benefits from volunteering vary by role, age, sector and geography
  • The importance of targeting support for the disadvantaged and excluded in society

Good practice guidance for engaging and supporting volunteers to optimise health and wellbeing benefits - View here


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