Foodbank - What to do if you or someone you know needs help

Message from Foodbank Orkney 

We have been absolutely amazed at the generosity of the Orkney population at this time of adversity - the amount of goods and money we have had donated is truly amazing and we want to make sure we get it out to those in need.


Whilst we are busier than usual we feel there are more folks out there struggling who could access our services and we want to highlight the fact that we are available to anyone who is struggling financially - whether as a result of reduced income due to impact of Coronavirus, other financial reasons or just having the children home from school needing more to eat.


As well as our usual foodbank parcels - which is normally 3 parcels in a 6 months period - we also do Child Holiday Meals for those struggling to keep up with hungry childrens appetites whereby we can provide a box of non perishable items to boost the store cupboard!.


We have dozens of referrers across the county - nurses, GPs, Health Visitors, Citizens Advice Bureau, THAW, some churches, Fishermans Mission, Blide, Social Work, VAO, Womens Aid to name a few.  We now offer a delivery service across the Mainland to reduce the need for clients to travel as well as reducing contact with our volunteers and as per our normal procedures we can also get parcels out to all islands.


We are also working closely with THAW Orkney to make sure folks can cook/heat the food we give them and are asking all referrers to refer their clients to THAW as well for support with electricity if appropriate.


We would like to encourage folks to get in touch with a referrer and get help if it is needed - there is no shame in needing to access our services, we are here to help and thanks to the generous Orkney population and our amazing volunteers we are in a position that we can help. 

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