Our Voice Workshop






Staff of Third Sector organisations in Orkney,

Members of health and well-being groups,

Members of patient groups,

Disabled People, People living with long term conditions and family carers

Come and find out about Our Voice at an information workshop or drop in session taking place at The Community Centre, Kirkwall by emailing your interest in attending to orkney@scottishhealthcouncil.org .

If you are part of an organisation supporting people who use health or social care services in Orkney and are interested in engaging people who use services to make improvements this workshop is for you.

The Scottish Health Council invite you to an information session. We would like to explore mutual benefits: how can Our Voice support you and members of your organisation and how can you support Our Voice?

Our Voice is a partnership initiative with the Scottish Government, COSLA, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Scottish Health Council and the ALLIANCE and aims to strengthen the voices of people who use health and social care services, their carers and families.

Our Voice is all about engaging the people of Scotland to make health and social care better. It is about engagement, listening and improvement.

Our Voice is for everyone who wants to get involved.


Our Voice will help the Scottish Government, as well as staff and managers who work in health and social care services to listen more and make improvements based on what people and communities say.

Many Third sector organisations have already been involved in the development of Our Voice and we are keen to explore future collaborations. Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, for example, have already contributed through providing workshops and you will hear more about this and other initiatives underway as part of Our Voice that may be useful to members of your organisation.

Our Voice Workshop


Our Voice Drop in Session


9th November 2017, Kirkwall Community Centre

British Red Cross workshops for young people

Did you know that the British Red Cross offer fully funded workshops in schools and youth work settings in areas where young people are at higher risk of experiencing a crisis related to drug/alcohol use and stigmatising behaviour?

These free workshops, delivered by Red Cross educators, aim to help 10–19 year olds learn first aid and/or explore the impact of stigmatising behaviour towards refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

The aim of the Everyday First Aid workshop is to promote the wellbeing of young people in the community in their everyday lives. The British Red Cross also support young people in assessing risk and understanding the impact of risk-taking behaviour whilst addressing potential barriers to providing help in a crisis. Young people will learn valuable first aid skills in these sessions, for example, how to respond to someone who is unresponsive and breathing/not breathing, choking, burns and bleeding heavily etc. 

The aim of the Refugees and Migration workshop is to reduce stigmatising behaviour in the community and develop self-awareness and respect for others. Our workshops also address common misconceptions held about refugees and migrants and these are delivered through activities such as games and quizzes.

Contact Sarah McCrory at: sarahmccrory@redcross.org or phone 07739331866. Alternatively, contact the Youth Education Support Centre at: youtheducation@redcross.org.uk or phone 0344 412 2734.

Young People, Mental Health and Wellbeing - National Youth Work Conference and YouthLink Scotland AGM

This year, our National Youth Work Conference and YouthLink Scotland AGM on 14 November, will explore youth work and the health and social care sector’s contribution to young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

This event is being organised jointly with NHS Health Scotland.


• Youth work sector have increased their understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

• Health, social care and other professionals have increased their understanding of youth work, participation and prevention approaches.

• Youth voice and a young person centred approach to mental health and wellbeing is more evident. This conference is aimed at

• The youth work sector.

• Health sector. • Social care sector.

• Other related professionals concerned with young people’s mental health and wellbeing (eg sports, police, youth justice etc).

• Integrated authorities and community planning partnerships.

Draft programme.

Costs: £90.00 plus VAT for members/£125.00 plus VAT for non members

You can book a place at this year's conference online.

Orkney ADP Commissioning for Outcomes 2018-20: Now Open for Applications

The Orkney ADP is happy to announce its Commissioning for Outcomes (2018-20).  The £100,000 fund for applications up to £35,000 is now open.
The ADP is seeking to commission the following services:
• Children and Young People’s Service
• Adults and Older Adults Service
• Families and Wider Communities Service

The closing date for applications is 1pm on Friday 1st December 2017.

If you would like to discuss the commissioning opportunity further or request an application pack, please contact Katie on katiespence@nhs.net  or 888 116.


Young Scot's Create18 Fund Welcomes Applications to Round Two

Groups of young people (aged 8-26 years) can still apply for funding to run events across Scotland that support the Year of Young People 2018.

Young Scot, in partnership with EventScotland, set up the Create18 Fund for young people to run events alongside EventScotland’s programme of major ‘signature’ events during the Year of Young People (YoYP) 2018.
Grants of between £250 and £1,000 are available to groups of three or more young people (aged 8 -26 years) to run their own events to commemorate the YoYP.
The funding is for events that incorporate at least one of the following YoYP themes:
• Participation – looking at how young people can influence public services and decisions which affect their lives.
• Education – creating a stronger role for young people in shaping their learning.
• Health and Wellbeing – supporting young people to lead healthier, active lives and have opportunities to learn about and improve their mental health and resilience.
• Equality and Discrimination – broadcasting the value of young Scots, challenging negative perceptions of young people, and supporting young people to take leading roles in challenging discrimination in all its forms.
• Enterprise and Regeneration – celebrating young people’s role in innovation, entrepreneurship and the Scottish economy as well as making Scotland a greener and more pleasant place to live.
• Culture – celebrating young people’s talent and contribution to Scottish culture and arts.
All events must take place in Scotland during 2018 and be open to the public so that all of the community can attend and enjoy. Events must celebrate and engage young people and be led by young people who will be at the heart of the decision making process, including the creation, development and delivery of the proposed event.
Grants can support new event or existing events that will be enhanced as a result of receiving YoYP funding.

To be eligible, applicants must have appointed a Project Support person who is over the age of 21 years.


The deadline for Round Two applications is 22 January 2018 (5pm) for projects taking place between 1 July and 31 December 2018.








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