Restart are looking for a van driver and two van assistants. The van driver must be over 25 and have a clean licence ( which Restart need to have sight of) and must be able to lift/ unload and load furniture.

The van assistants should have undergone manual handling training. Age is not an issue but they must be able to lift/ unload and load furniture.

There will be a general induction for the van driver and if possible try to get them to shadow main van driver. The van assistants will also get a general induction and could also work alongside one of the van ‘boys’ to get a feel for the job.

The shifts are every other Monday, from 9am to 4pm with an hour’s lunch time and the volunteers will receive travel expenses and £3 lunch expenses.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the retail sector and offers the chance to build up experience in delivery and customer skills.

There will be a two shift trial period, and the vacancies are until the end of June.If you are interested in either of these opportunities please contact Rob at VAO on 872 897 or Gill at Restart on 879 777.




Two thirds of Scots feel they have no-one to talk to about problems such as mental health, money issues and relationships.

A new study – released as part of Time to Talk Day – has shown that 66% of those questioned feel they cannot talk in confidence with others about everyday problems.

To change this footballers, actors, comedians, activists and the First Minister have come together to show that we should all be able to talk about mental health anywhere

When respondents were asked why they felt unable to speak out, the top reason provided was people said never being able to find the right time, or the right place to talk.


Medal Routes has been designed by Ramblers Scotland after a pilot project proved successful

An innovative trial has helped people who use a drug treatment centre to get out and about.

Over the past year, Ramblers Scotland has been working with the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian’s Drug Treatment Testing Order office (DTTO) to offer walking routes to those undergoing treatment for substance abuse and NHS staff.

The Medal Routes app features 15, 30 and 60-minute circular walks at 80 locations throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Participants were encouraged to take part by DTTO officers, with the vast majority reporting that short walks had a positive impact on their mood, wellbeing and health.

Through the app, users can track their own activity, set health goals and create their own routes to share with others.



From 1 January 2018, Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs) and Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) will appear in the Registrar’s Index of Company Names, which is maintained by Companies House. Charities that are incorporated as companies already appear on the index.

So, SCIO names will appear alongside the names of companies (and other entities) when a user makes a search through Companies House’s CHS or WebCheck search. This will help protect SCIOs’ names, for instance in the event of others looking to set up a company or CIO with the same name as a SCIO. We would recommend that everyone looking to set up a SCIO or any other kind of charity checks the index before settling on a name to ensure it is not already in use by another organisation.

Read more information about SCIO names here.

We have produced new guidance for Scottish charities about Trustees’ Annual Reports.

'Trustees' Annual Reports: Good practice and guidance' is aimed at small and medium charities that usually prepare Receipts and Payments accounts. It lets charity trustees know their legal responsibilities when producing a TAR and how it can be used to tell the story of the charity.

Read our Trustees' Annual Reports guidance here.


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