GCIL Professional Careers Graduate Traineeship Opportunities

GCIL Equality Academy and NHSScotland are seeking to provide meaningful, relevant work experience for disabled graduates that will complement the graduates skills, knowledge and experience to support them in achieving their long-term career aspirations.  
GCIL Equality Academy and NHSScotland are keen to identify candidates that not only meet the vocational criteria but can also demonstrate that they have the right attitude and motivation to take part in this exciting opportunity within NHSScotland.   
NHSScotland (as the largest employer in Scotland) has the capacity to offer a wide range of opportunities across a spectrum of vocational specialisms (as detailed in the advert).  Therefore, the recruitment process will focus on identifying the most suitable candidates to take advantage of this tailored programme of work experience, training and personal development, and then matching them to a suitable position within NHSScotland.   
To find out more, please contact:
Claudia Boyd
Trainee Administrator
Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living
Equality Academy
Suite 1.16
Red Tree Business Suites
33 Dalmarnock Road
G40 4LA
Tel: 0141 375 0519
Fax: 0141 550 4858
My working days are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 

Suicides in Scotland have risen for the first time in six years

Suicides in Scotland have risen for the first time in six years, according to figures released today.
Statistics from the National Records of Scotland show some 728 people’s lives were taken by suicide in 2016 - 56 more deaths compared to 2015.  
Samaritans in Scotland said that action is urgently needed to avoid the rise becoming a trend.
The charity is calling on the Scottish Government to take a wider approach in tackling suicide ahead of a new prevention strategy next year.
Samaritans published a report on the link between socioeconomic disadvantage and suicide earlier this year.
Maureen Watt, minister for mental health, said: “Any suicide is a tragedy and  our sympathies go out to anyone who has lost a loved one in this particularly painful way.
“Suicide is a very complex phenomenon. The 2016 data follow a period of several years in which numbers of deaths by suicide fell year after year.
"The longer term trend in Scotland shows a reduction of 17% over the last decade. 
"This downward trend is encouraging and represents a strong achievement by all who work in the field of suicide prevention.
“Later in 2017, the Scottish Government will engage with stakeholders with a view to developing a new suicide prevention action plan for publication in early 2018.”
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Creative stars across Scotland awarded funding

In the first round of funding, 36 talented young people from across Scotland have received Nurturing Talent Funding for new projects to help develop their creative talents.

With support from Creative Scotland and Young Scot, the Nurturing Talent Fund is administered by young people for young people. Over the two-year project, the National Youth Arts Advisory Group will issue £40,000 to individuals and groups across Scotland. 

In this first round of funding, members of the National Youth Arts Advisory Group have awarded over £3,500 to provide financial support to nurture a broad range of projects and individuals from across the country including dancers, musicians and authors. Read the list of recipients.

Applications for the Nurturing Talent Fund are available for young people, aged 14-20, from a diverse range of backgrounds across Scotland.  Young people with a creative passion can apply for funding from £60 to £600.

The Nurturing Talent Fund aims to support young people’s creative work regardless of geography, affordability or disability. It is part of the Scottish Government’s Time to Shine youth arts strategy, which seeks to change the way the arts are viewed and help Scotland become an international leader in young people’s creativity.

Applications for next round funding close on 28 August and young people can apply via www.young.scot/get-involved.

Journey through Justice

Journey through Justice is an interactive online resource that will help children and young people understand the journey through the youth justice system, following being charged with an offence by the police. The name of the resource, as well as its look and content, was devised by young people from a number of settings, working closely with CYCJ and Iriss.

Journey through Justice is a development of Youth & Criminal Justice in Scotland: The Young Person’s Journey, which aims to simplify how the youth and criminal justice system works for under 18s in Scotland. This has received an update for 2017.

CYCJ is very keen to make young people, their families and supporters aware of this valuable resource. Journey through Justice postcards will be placed in police stations, social work waiting rooms, schools and other relevant places – get in touch if you would like copies for distribution in your workplace. 

CYCJ will be adding to Journey through Justice as further resources become available. If you have any feedback or links you would like to add, please contact cycj@strath.ac.uk.

LEAD Scotland – a message from Chris Purnell

Supporting Disabled People to Learn

My name is Chris and I am an intern with the Information Service here at Lead Scotland. We provide free information and advice on the full range of post-school learning and training opportunities in Scotland. Lead Scotland (Specialists in Linking Education and Disability) is a charity that empowers disabled people and those who care for them to improve their lives through learning.

It is my role to reach out to people we can support and who would benefit from our service, and I wondered if you could signpost any constituent you may have who is facing barriers to learning and training, or perhaps disability groups in your area?

We provide tailored, impartial advice about learning, education and training options, including accessing additional educational support, funding and benefits for disabled learners, legal rights for disabled learners, and much more.

The Information Service has a freephone helpline, funded for 10 hours per week by the Scottish Government and can be reached on 0800 999 2568, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 2pm-4pm and Tuesday & Friday 10am-12pm, or by emailing info@lead.org.uk. It is open to disabled people, carers and family/friends of disabled people as well as staff who support or provide advice to disabled people.

We also provide free downloadable guides on topics like Post School Learning Choices in Scotland, The Equality Act in Post School Learning and Supporting You at College and University. These are available to download from the Lead Scotland website.

We are also available to provide free information sessions to a group of disabled people, carers or those who experience barriers to learning due to ill health who you may support, or information sessions for your staff or team. In these sessions we cover:

  • Why we think learning is for everyone, no matter what you want to learn, what your learning level is or what your motivation for learning is. We want to raise awareness that there are many different and flexible options for learning, beyond going to college or university and multiple routes to becoming qualified, if that’s important to you. We also want to talk about the wellbeing benefits of learning for leisure.
  • We want to raise awareness of the fact starting to learn doesn’t necessarily mean having your benefits stopped, there are a number of circumstances where you can study and continue to receive benefits;
  • Support and funding is available to learn, for example specialist equipment, software and educational assistants to support your learning;
  • Disabled people have a legal right to support, adjustments and flexibility when learning.  These rights are protected under the Equality Act and education providers have a legal duty to uphold these rights.

We can also tailor the sessions to ensure they are relevant to any group or individual. For example we can provide information about local learning providers and courses as well as talk about what reasonable adjustments might be available for people with specific impairments. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this or anything else further.

 I have attached our leaflet for your information which contains details about our helpline-please feel free to share this amongst your networks and with the people you support. Please also feel free to visit our website, look for us on  and Facebook and have a look at past issues of our newsletter if you would like to learn more about Lead Scotland and what we can do to support disabled people to learn.

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