Comic Relief announces Tech for Good UK 2016-17

From October 2016 Comic Relief, with Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is launching another UK Tech for Good funding programme.

This will fund 10 digital projects each with up to £46,500, plus £3,500 to enable access to expert support. They have become aware that digital development requires distinct working practices and for this reason we have adapted their model of funding to provide an intensive package of support for grantees. The projects will last for four months (April – July 2017) and will address any of the four programme areas: Empowering Women and Girls, Investing in Children and Young People, Building Stronger Communities, Improving Health and Wellbeing. For further info see

This programme aims to provide the opportunity for not-for-profit organisations who already have some technological capacity to take their digital innovation projects forward. They are looking to fund teams to make a significant digital step forward within four months.

A wide range of digital interventions will be considered and the aim is to fund projects that:

• Are focused on specific user needs in their design, delivery and development
• Make best use of web, mobile or internet based technologies
• Can scale effectively and offer economies of scale
• Disrupt and challenge existing ways of delivering services

It is important to note that we they looking to fund more than just good ideas. It is important for applicants to show that they understand how to successfully manage a digital project, and that they have sound technical expertise in their management and delivery team. They would expect that some development work will already have taken place

Open: 3rd October, 2016 to 1st November, 2016 (3pm)

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