Third Sector's Future Discussion - Research Paper

Over the next six months Third Sector Research Centre is hosting a series of dialogues on the future of the third sector, based on research undertaken over the past four years. TSRC will produce a 'big picture' paper for each dialogue based on their research findings. The first discussion paper named "The Worst of Times?" was released recently.

This is the first discussion paper in a series designed to stimulate debate about third sector futures. The debate is set running by placing civil society/third sector's current position and environment in context. The discussion starts with the idea of an 'unsettlement', and investigates the nature of the changes the sector is currently experiencing. Is it really the 'worst of times', or more a temporary readjustment for some?

At the end of this paper raised some important questions which you may find useful for local discussions.

Please click here for further information including how to join a live online discussion on each issue with the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.

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