Great News for Archaeology Buffs!

 The Archeology Institute based at Orkney College have announced that they have nine new volunteering opportunities for people who want to take part in the processing and recording of Orkney’s unique history and heritage.

 The opportunities range from hands on work with the finds to research, cataloguing, inventorying and data assessment. The new opportunities are:

 The Cairns Broch Finds cataloguing - Quantifying finds by bag and material (bone, shell etc), Compiling inventory to form a finds catalogue.

 Mapping Magnus Project Archive Research - · Research all properties in the Barony of Birsay. Create a database of properties. Contribute original research to the project.

 ORCA Report Inventory - The Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology  produces numerous professional technical reports from its various field projects. These need to be catalogued.

 Student Dissertation Inventory - Create dissertation inventory. Read abstract/introductions and summarise each dissertation on a pro forma sheet.

 Scanning and Copying -  Primary site archives and records for Ness of Brodgar Project.

 Volunteer Data Assessment - Data input using excel spreadsheet to record and credit volunteer hours,

 Finds Processing (The Cairns Broch, Mapping Magnus Project) - Finds processing involves handling finds, familiarisation with artefacts, careful cleaning in water, air drying, re-bagging and labelling. This opportunity is ideal if you want to get some hands on experience with archaeological material.

ORCA Offprint Inventory - Create ORCA offprint inventory of professional technical reports relating to archaeological field and management practice. Including Printing, binding and stamping offprints

 Cataloguing Archaeological Archive Box Files - Work with the Regional Archaeologist to improve cataloguing and searchability of records. Number shelves and box files. Creating a catalogue of box file contents in an Access database. Ordering and sorting other records held..





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