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What do matches do together?

Each match is tailor-made and unique. This means that each match chooses the activities that they would like to do together from their shared interests. So that could be badminton, football, zumba, swimming, knitting, programming, visits to cafes, the cinema, the beach, anything really. If we can check to make it safe, then you can probably do it.

How do you choose Befrienders?

We are looking for people from all walks of life with different life experience and skills. We’re also looking for people with different interests and personalities, because our young people have different interests and personalities. We are really thorough in our selection of volunteers though and some characteristics are essential. We need all our volunteers to be friendly, reliable, consistent and motivated to help and support young people. We also need them to be understanding, approachable and kind.

How long does a match last for?

All matches last for at least 6 months (this is the minimum requirement that we ask volunteers for) but most continue beyond this point, with some lasting for years. The duration of the match is generally determined by the need of the young person and the availability of the volunteer.

Is there a financial cost to me?

No, the Project covers all the costs of the befriending. So we cover travel expenses for volunteers and young people. We cover the cost of tickets for activities like the cinema or the Dounby Show, and we cover expenses like food and any equipment needed. No volunteer or young person should ever be out of pocket.

How do you support each match?

Each match is reviewed after the first 6 weeks, and then every 6 months. At each review the Co-ordinator meets with the young person, the volunteer and the parent/carers, and gathers their views and feedback on the match. The co-ordinator also offers an open door policy, so everyone involved in a match can get in touch with concerns or feedback at any time. The Co-ordinators job is to look after each match and help them have fun together.

Is the match confidential? Does the project share information about young people with other people?

Yes and no. The Project takes confidentiality very seriously and is careful what information is shared with other people. However, this confidentiality has limits, and if a volunteer or staff member is concerned about the safety and welfare of a young person (or volunteer), then they will share this information with people that they think are the best able to help. We also send stats and data to our funders and our management board, but this doesn’t include names or anything.

Do all the matches ever meet as a group?

Yes! We love to all meet together, so we have at least 4 – 6 sessions a year when we all meet and take part in a group activity and meal together.

Can I bring a friend along to the sessions with my Befriender?

No, I’m afraid not. All our befriending happens in the matched pairs as it’s the friendship between the two of you that we’re trying to build. When we have group events though, you’ll make new friends, so that’s great.

What if I don’t want to have a Befriender anymore?

That’s totally ok. Hannah and Katherine, the Co-ordinators, will check in with you and are always looking for feedback on how you feel the Befriending is going and how we can make your match better. If you’re not happy with anything, just get in touch with us! We’re here to help!

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