Micro Volunteering/Short Term Volunteering

Micro-volunteering describes a volunteer or team of volunteers, completing small tasks that make up a larger project. These tasks often benefit a research, charitable or non-governmental organisation. It differs from normal volunteering as the tasks can take only minutes to a few hours, and the volunteer does not make a long-term commitment. As a form of virtual volunteering, the tasks are usually distributed and completed online via an internet-connected device, including smartphones It typically does not require an application process, screening or training period, or require an ongoing commitment by the volunteer.

Shortterm volunteering projects give a great taste of volunteer work for people who may not have the confidence or time to commit to a longer project. Short term opportunities in Orkney have included projects such as gardening work at sheltered housing projects; cutting back salmon berry bushes at Happy Valley; painting children’s play equipment in Hoy and many more. Please see below for the latest short-term projects in Orkney.

Please see below for the latest short-term projects in Orkney:

Micro-volunteering Opportunities

We will update this section with new sites as often as we can so keep checking if you do not find anything that suits you at present.



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