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Addressing Health:

Help discover the extent of poor health among British postal workers in the 1800s. By transcribing the records, we can learn about the effects of working and living environments on the health of tens of thousands of the UK’s Post Office employees. Addressing Health is a Wellcome funded collaboration between King’s College London, Kingston University, University of Derby and University College London, with The Postal Museum.

The project will find out how sickness rates changed over time and varied between different types of places. This will be a major advance as information about ill health for the Victorian and Edwardian period has mainly relied on causes of death.

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FrogSong is an audio based project that involves listening to audio and classifying frog calls. Advances in acoustic recorder technology are allowing researchers to collect more environmental audio than ever before. If we can identify frog species in long recordings we will be able to improve our understanding frog calling patterns and behaviours.

By monitoring the calling patterns in these recordings we hope to understand: the environmental drivers of frog chorusing and other group behaviours, how the calls and other noise sources interact to structure frog communities, as well as monitor how frog communities change through time in response to environmental stressors.

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Every Name Counts:

The Arolsen Archives have 600,000 documents from different concentration camps and all are available as part of the Zooniverse project Every Name Counts. Help to index them to make them available to the world and build a digital memorial for the Nazi victims. Everyone can participate and no experience is needed.

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